Ahh, Postlets. I can see the stress begin to leave a real estate associate’s face just as the word is mentioned.

What is not to like?  It is convenient, easy to use, quick and effective, makes it very easy to share listing information to your sphere, real estate websites, social media sites, other clients, etc.  And did I mention how easy it is to share the listing?  I can tweet the listing out, add it to my LinkedIn status, send it to all my friends on Facebook and share it on over a 100 websites with the simple click of a mouse.

Wait, what?

In my opinion, the potential danger of Postlets lies in the fact that it is so easy to share on social media sites.  I do like Postlets. Actually, I like Postlets a lot when used appropriately.  It is an affordable service that does allow for easy promotion and sharing of information about the homes real estate agents have on the market.

However, sometimes I worry Postlets makes it too easy to share this information on social networking sites.

The success of your participation in social networking comes with adding value and engaging with other people on these platforms.  What is the best way to promote yourself or your business?  Don’t promote yourself at all. Be authentic, engage, meet new people, have good conversations, build relationships, build trust.  The business will come naturally.  People like to do business with people that they, well, like.  To be an effective participant in social networking, regardless of the platform, you have to not only wholeheartedly believe in the above sentiments, you have to practice them.  But this is an entirely separate post.

Postlets does help real estate associates quickly and easily share their listings’ information with the simple push of a button.  Great right?  Not necessarily.  Too often I see real estate associates with a Facebook Business Page or Twitter account that has little to no real activity on it.

No value. No engagement. No conversation. But, I sure do see a whole lot of those darn Postlets links to homes they have for sale.

Just because Postlets makes it easy for you to share information, doesn’t mean you should always take advantage of it. If you are not actively engaging in social media platforms with people and building relationships, then firing off your listing information will do your business more harm than good.  People will label you, if not officially, a spammer and choose to ‘un-follow’ you or ‘un-like’ you or worse, completely ignore you. Your business certainly won’t grow that way.  In my opinion, it would be better not to participate in a particular social media platform, then to simply use it as an ‘billboard’ to promote your business.

So before you press that ‘share’ button on Postlets the next time ask yourself this, “If roles were reversed, would you find value being on the receiving end of that ‘share?’”

Agree? Disagree? What’s your two cents?