I suppose this would have been a great post to start off with but if you know me personally, well, you know I’m a bit quirky to begin with.

So why did I start this blog? I definitely have plenty to do and wasn’t looking to fill any blocks of time.  Nor have I anointed myself a ‘social media expert.’ And yes, there are plenty of great technology and marketing blogs out there already.  So, why?

Simply enough, I wanted a place where we could all explore and learn together. I am a sponge.  I read a lot.  I research a lot. I go to as many classes and events as I can to learn and better myself.  I am active participant in social media and actually use these tools and technologies.  I try my best to stay in front of the curve.  Marketing, technology and social media today are ever evolving.  My goal on this blog is to provide a unique perspective on how all of these new tools and ideas work and how they fit into the real estate industry. More importantly, how we in the real estate industry can use these tools to benefit our business and customers.

So, I hope you enjoy this.  I will post as often as I have something to say.  And if someone says it better, I won’t bore you with a post to simply hear myself talk (or write.)